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* Versão para OTR com ou sem RFID. Translogik tyre inspection probes Revenues from Translogik probes increased by 7% to £0.51m (2019: £0.48m), and this segment generated a trading profit of £0.12m (2019: £0.19m), primarily as a consequence of increased marketing and product development expenditure. Transense Technologies plc. Largest Single Translogik Probe Order From Dunlop (Sumitomo Tire) Japan.

Translogik probe

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accurate and reliable. Tire Pressure & Tread Depth Data collected by the TL-G1 Tire Probe can be instantly sent to a wide range of mobile and desktop applications for storing and future analysis. Translogik provides a number of apps for iOS, Android & Windows to use straight out of the box. Translogik is pleased to announce that it has received a further order of truck tyre inspection kits from its French partner, EDP who continue to support the products.

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Transporter Control Trantor - The Last Storm Trooper (1987)(Probe Software)[cr HTL][t +3 HTL]. Trantor - The Last  Sensor system provider Transense Technologies said executive chairman David Ford was standing down to take on an executive leadership role at the company. Nov 8, 2016 1869 238380 @Translogik iProbe OTR Tire inspection probe Alerts & data pushed to phones,  An aluminum load cell was fabricated and instrumented with the sensors. The temperature sensor was calibrated using a thermal chamber.

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Translogik probe

Translogik revenues derived for the sale of ou r range of tyre tread depth probes increased by 83% to £0.84m (2017: £0.46m).

Translogik probe

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This is the Sample Application that comes with the purchase of the Translogk Probe Reader Library, the Source code for this applications is also in the packa Translogik probe bluetooth device send any one below types the data format. 8-Bit ASCII, 8-Bit Binary, 10-Bit ASCII and 10-Bit Binary.

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タイヤ管理・追跡・ データ収集・車両管理のために幅広くハードとソフトのソリューションを提供。 The Probe ê INSTRUCTION MANUAL. Page 1 m mmmm. English. Introduction.

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Probe, TLG1, iProbe, iTrack, emTrack Translogik. Ferramenta para Inspeção Eletrônica de Sulcos e Pressão em Pneus com Tecnologia BlueTooth * Versão com ou sem RFID * Versão para OTR com ou sem RFID * Sistema de Gestão de Rastreio On-LIne para Minas Translogik Manager. hiveSystems Tools. Everyone. Add to Wishlist. Translate the description into English (United States) using Google Translate?